7 Days to Get Your First Sale on Instagram

Whether you're a beginner or looking to expand your business, this guide is for you:

  • Build a foundation to grow your followers by 25% per month
  • Learn 3 new options to sell on social media
  • Generate 5-figure revenue with Instagram
  • 100% free access to weekly e-books to boost your e-commerce knowledge

Key Takeaways




Traffic Boosting

Content Planning

Succeed with Instagram Ads

Formulate different types of content: Product posts, Shoppable posts & User-generated content

3 Tactics in driving an extra 100% traffic to your Instagram profile

Step-by-step guide to get a ROAS of 3.0, no experience needed

Shoppable Posts

Utilize the most convenient way of shopping on Instagram with conversions up to 5%

Grow Your Business and Start Selling via Instagram

Live Selling

Hacks to generate up to $5000 per livestream

Influencer Marketing

Market the right way and get high ROAS from influencer marketing

Instagram Shop Statistics




of Instagram users use Instagram to shop weekly

users visit at least one business profile daily

people can be reached via Instagram ads

We felt that (offline) retail was already at its tail end, which was why we ventured into social commerce. We’re now able to sell directly, and immediately. This means I can reach out to clients easily – they’re at my fingertips on a single app.

All businesses should pick up social selling – we’re able to break barriers between our followers and ourselves and get an immediate response from them. This level of communication and interaction is unmatched.

Daniel, Host & Creative Director

Find Out Instagram Shop Is Made Easy with SHOPLINE

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