The State of Fashion E-Commerce in Singapore Whitepaper

The fashion industry in Singapore is going through a digital transformation.

In response to this new wave, SHOPLINE has compiled a comprehensive report on the fashion industry.

This whitepaper will offer you local and global insights on:

  • Revenue Analysis of the 3 Main Fashion Segments
  • Top Fashion Categories That Have Emerged Post-COVID
  • Digitalization of the Fashion Industry and Emerging Sales Channels
  • Solutions for Fashion Merchants to Grow Their Business in the New Era

You’ve Already Won Half of the E-Commerce Battle With the Right Insights

Here’s what you'll get from the whitepaper:




Industry Outlook

Digitalisation Trends

E-Commerce Solutions

Understand the market conditions in the fashion e-commerce industry and find out how you can navigate the new and complicated landscape

Learn about movements in online fashion such as new sales channels and payment methods so that you can successfully transition your business

Find out the strategies that fashion merchants like you can use to thrive in Fashion E-Commerce by growing omnichannel sales

There’s No Shortcut to Success, but You Can Learn From the Best

Proven Success

Tested and proven tactics from leading e-commerce brands in Singapore

Direct Support From Experts

You can get 1-on-1 consultations from SHOPLINE's e-commerce specialists to help you hit the ground running

70% PSG Support

Get up to 70% funded from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore



680 m


Global brands

Consumers reached

Employees worldwide

We felt that (offline) retail was already at its tail end, which was why we ventured into social commerce. We’re now able to sell directly, and immediately. This means I can reach out to clients easily – they’re at my fingertips on a single app.

All businesses should pick up social selling – we’re able to break barriers between our followers and ourselves and get an immediate response from them. This level of communication and interaction is unmatched.

Daniel, Host & Creative Director

Over 350,000 brands in Asia are using SHOPLINE.

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